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2018 Winners

Junior Nature Photographer of the Year 2018:
Kaitlyn Clark (age 8) – Peek-a-boo. Red Squirrel, Lossiemouth Woods

Kaitlyn Clark – Peek-a-boo
© Kaitlyn Clark – Peek-a-boo

Kaitlyn said: "I was completely overwhelmed to find out I had won. I love wildlife and I enjoy going out with my parents on wildlife trips! My motto is 'Enjoy the experience first and photographs second.'

"I was really happy to get the squirrel picture, they are so cute! I named it Peek-a-boo because the cheeky squirrel was actually playing peek-a-boo with me in the branches."

Judge Niall Irvine said: “Kaitlyn's picture is well composed with the tree branches framing the Red Squirrel. There's a nice side light to the image and a feeling of spontaneity and movement.”

2nd: Andrew Bulloch (age 16) - Assynt Landscape

Andrew Bulloch - Assynt Landscape
© Andrew Bulloch - Assynt Landscape

3rd: Kaitlyn Clark (age 8) - Double Trouble. Puffins, Dunnet Head

Kaitlyn Clark - Double Trouble
© Kaitlyn Clark - Double Trouble


Joseph Parker (age 17)
Katy Read (age 14)

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Natural Abstract category
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Scottish Landscape - The Land category
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Scottish Nature Video Award 2018