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2018 Winners

Scottish Wildlife Behaviour Category

1st: Toby Houlton - Eurasian Curlew with Shore Crab. Loch Fleet, Sutherland

Toby Houlton - Eurasian Curlew with Shore Crab
© Toby Houlton – Eurasian Curlew with Shore Crab

Toby said: "My wife and I made north east Scotland our home in November 2017 and live a few miles inland of Tain. Wildlife is our major passion and what better place to be than the Highlands of Scotland? I take every opportunity I can to be out with the camera and can often be found on the shores of Loch Fleet, Sutherland, where this image was captured.

"As I was taking the images I could see I was experiencing a special moment. The late afternoon sun was dropping behind the hills, creating a perfect angle of golden light that fell on the bird's head as it searched for a meal. I was well hidden, laid flat in the weed and stones at low tide, my low angle affording an intimate view at eye level with the bird. When it found the crab, there were a couple of fleeting seconds as it stood and held its prize in the sunlight and my image captures that moment.

"I might have been wet and covered in sand but it was well worth it!"

2nd: Graham Ackerman - Bit of a Stretch. Ladybird, Isle of Arran

Graham Ackerman - Bit of a Stretch
© Graham Ackerman - Bit of a Stretch

3rd: Alan Johnstone – Rehydration. Bee, Berwickshire

Alan Johnstone – Rehydration
© Alan Johnstone – Rehydration


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