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2018 Winners

Scottish Wildlife Portrait Category
& Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2018:

Phil Johnston – Roe Kid Flower. Roe Deer Kid, Edinburgh

© Phil Johnston – Roe Kid Flower
© Phil Johnston – Roe Kid Flower

Phil said: "I am absolutely delighted and stunned to have been awarded the title of Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2018. It's a real honour to have my work recognised at such a high level.

“I love nothing more than being out in the sticks with my camera, seeing all the beauty that surrounds me and trying my best to capture those moments in time.

“On this particular evening in early July, I had already spent several hours with the Roe family but I had also seen a Fox around. I decided to try my luck along a narrow track that runs between some hedgerows and farmland where I had seen the Fox several times before. After an hour or so, I heard a rustling in the long grass and out popped not a Fox, but one of the Roe Deer twins! It pulled off some cow parsley flowers and started munching away. I made three or four frames before it vanished back into the dense grassland. It was a magical moment to see."

Judge Raymond Besant said: "This picture has that little something extra that you're always looking for in a wildlife image. There is so much to like about it. It ticks all the basic boxes that I look for initially - it's sharp, well exposed and a great composition.

"However, to speak about it in purely technical terms does it an injustice. Getting close to any wild creature without disturbing it is no mean feat. To have an encounter like this is such a privilege, but to see the moment and atmosphere conveyed so perfectly in an image is the next best thing. You could argue that some 'golden light' could enhance it but the softness of the light suits the mood of the image. The flowers in the mouth of the deer really give the picture that little bit of magic."

2nd: Carol Dilger – Red Grouse. Cairngorms

 Carol Dilger - Red Grouse
© Carol Dilger– Red Grouse

3rd: Robert Snell – Otter Enjoying the Sun. Isle of Mull

Robert Snell – Otter Enjoying the Sun
© Robert Snell - Otter Enjoying the Sun


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