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Scottish Nature Video Award 2018


The Scottish Nature Video Award 2018 invited entries of video taken in Scotland by professional or amateur filmmakers from around the world. The video had to be on a nature, wildlife or landscape theme and filmed in Scotland.

1st Place: David Perpiñán - Life of the Black Grouse

Life of the Black Grouse © David Perpiñán.

Judge Niall Irvine said: "This film has a good variety of shots telling the story, with particularly compelling footage of the lek."

David said: "This award means a lot to me and supports the change in my professional career from being a vet specialising in exotic animals to having now completed 5 short wildlife documentaries in less than 3 years. Life of the Black Grouse was my first one, shot with my first videocamera in the Cairngorms with the help of friend and colleague Iván Muñoz. We spent one very cold and snowy night in two hides in Glenlivet, hearing the males singing while we were trying to sleep. The morning brought a white landscape with male Grouse singing, fighting and attracting females. That was quite an spectacular picture. The rest of the images were also taken in the Cairngorms.

"Scotland is a haven for wildlife and one of the best places in Europe to watch large mammals and birds. For the 3 years I lived in Scotland, I felt that in no other place in Europe could the amateur observer get so close to such big numbers of diverse wildlife. However, centuries of human activity have left many of its mountains devoid of trees and there is a tendency to wrongly assume that the landscape has always been like that. If we want birds such as Black Grouse and Capercaillie to continue living in Scotland, an effort should be made to protect the extant forests and create new ones to restore some of the original landscapes."

2nd place - Paul Carpenter - McHare Mountain. Click here to view video

3rd place - Paul Carpenter - Cairngorms Plateau – Wind, Water and Ptarmigan. Click here to view video


Andrew Macdonald