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2019 Winners

Environmental Category

1st: Stephen Rodger - Gull Between Stacks

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© Stephen Rodger - Gull Between Stacks

Stephen said: "I’m tremendously excited to find myself winning this category.

"As part of my college photography work I was exploring urban industrial environments and their relationship with wildlife. During my research it became apparent that these interactions are complex and not always negative. Quite often we can find that nature reserves are located next door to industrial sites, and this was the case here. The seagulls have grown used to this site and fly between these huge stacks and towers as though through a huge urban forest.

"Art Wolfe in his book, Trees: Between Heaven and Earth, often composes pictures to cut off the base of the tree’s trunk and the canopy, leaving strong vertical shapes in his pictures. I was inspired to adopt the same approach with the cooling stacks in this photograph, making the bird as small and delicate as possible surrounded by these huge man-made 'tree trunks'."

2nd: Graham Niven - Volcano Awakens

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© Graham Niven - Volcano Awakens

3rd: Alan Johnstone - Enmeshed

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© Alan Johnstone - Enmeshed


Jenny Anderson
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Cheryl Bradley
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Martin Gibb
Neil MacGregor
Patricia Roberts
Dave Shillabeer
Allan Wright

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