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2019 Winners

Scottish Landscape - Urban Greenspace Category

1st: Dave Shillabeer - 'Wait for me - I’m coming!' Nairn

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© Dave Shillabeer - 'Wait for me - I’m coming!'

Dave said: "This photograph was taken early in the morning of the 31st October 2019. Before I lost my Cocker Spaniel, Millie, we used to walk this path in Nairn every morning. Over a long period of time you get to know how the light will play in certain conditions and locations. When I saw how the light was breaking through the mist, and its colour, I knew that I had to race on my new bike, ‘MILL-E’ (it’s electric assist) to get to this location.  I just knew what was going to happen. Standing on the side of the path I was willing people to come along and walk into the scene. The dog walkers, most of whom I know, didn’t disappoint me. This was just one of about 6 that I was able to take in a 15-minute period before the sun was gone and the magic disappeared."

2nd: Graham Niven - Meadow Shadows. The Meadows, Edinburgh

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© Graham Niven - Meadow Shadows

3rd: Ian Talboys - Seaton Seals. Donmouth, Aberdeen

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© Ian Talboys - Seaton Seals


Drummond Fyall
Andy MacDougall
Allan Wright

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Scottish Landscape - Urban Greenspace category
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