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2022 Winners

Junior Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2022:

Jessie Morris (age 13) - Rush Hour

Jessie Morris - Rush Hour
© Jessie Morris - Rush Hour

Jessie said: "It came as a great shock to find out that the judges had chosen my image, for which I am extremely grateful.

"Hidden away on moorland north of Berwick, we waited at the edge of a loch for pink-footed geese to arrive. It turned out, however, that the shot of the day was gulls roosting on the water. A low exposure captured them settling down for the night. The busyness of the shot as they squabbled for the best positions reminded me of the hustle and bustle of the evening rush hour."

Judge James Roddie said: "Jessie’s image really stood out amongst the submissions into the Junior category. The other judges and I were really impressed by the creativity shown by such a young photographer. The ability to see beyond the immediately obvious is a skill that often takes a while to develop when you begin your journey with photography, but it has been used to great effect with this photo. A great sense of movement and some lovely light combine to make this a memorable scene, and a well-deserved winner."

2nd: Jessie Morris (age 13) - Angelic Upstart

Jessie Morris - Angelic Upstart
© Jessie Morris - Angelic Upstart

3rd:Kaitlyn Clark (age 12) - I Smell Food!


Kaitlyn Clark - I Smell Food!
© Kaitlyn Clark - I Smell Food!


Cavan Campbell
Kaitlyn Clark
Gabriela Hamza
Jamie McKellar
Jessie Morris

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Natural Abstract category
Scottish Botanical category
Scottish Landscape - The Land category
Scottish Landscape - Sea & Coast category
Scottish Landscape - Urban Greenspace category
Scottish Wildlife Behaviour category
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Junior category
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Scottish Nature Video Award 2022