Scottish Botanical category &
Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2023

Charles Everitt - Lily of the Valley

Charles Everitt - Lily of the Valley
© Charles Everitt - Lily of the Valley

Charles said: "I was absolutely delighted and incredibly honoured to win both the Scottish Botanical Category and the Scottish Nature Photography Awards 2023 competition, and I would like to thank the judges for picking my image. The contest remains Scotland’s premier nature photography competition, and to win it for a second time is a true privilege.

"Since discovering wild flower photography several years ago, I have found it a totally absorbing and creative photographic genre that makes room for some artistic expression. I have been aware of the beautiful lily of the valley flower for some time but have never seen it growing in the wild. A native of Europe, lily of the valley is a woodland flowering species but highly poisonous if consumed by humans or animals. The plant is also known as Our Lady’s tears, which perhaps reflects the delicate form of the flowers. In 2023, I learned of a Lothian wood where the species grew and visited in spring to try to capture the essence of this wonderful little flower."

Judge Espen Helland said: "This is a beautifully made image where the framing of the flower has been carefully considered. The blurred-out foreground leads the eye directly to the drooping flower, which is also carefully placed in front of the slightly brighter green background. The brightness of the background and the hint of texture of life in the undergrowth also helped draw me right into this image."

2nd: Charles Everitt - Arctic Star  

Charles Everitt - Arctic Star
© Charles Everitt - Arctic Star

3rd: Alan Johnstone - Majestic

Alan Johnstone - Majestic
© Alan Johnstone - Majestic


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