Scottish Nature Video Award 2023

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The Scottish Nature Video Award 2022 invited entries of video taken in Scotland by professional or amateur filmmakers from around the world. The video had to be on a nature, wildlife or landscape theme and filmed in Scotland.

1st Place: Libby Penman – The King of the Kelvin

The King of the Kelvin © Libby Penman

Libby said: "I'm very chuffed with the 1st place in the video category. Thanks so much!! The sequence I put together, The King of the Kelvin, features a kingfisher in Glasgow. This merely 15cm tall, lightning-quick, wee bird was my wildlife arch nemesis for a long time...

"So after many failed attempts, it was just great to finally start getting photos and video clips I was happy with. I've spent so much time watching and filming this bird that now, when I spot it along the river, it's actually like running into an old friend. So I'm very glad the judges enjoyed the footage, and I hope other people will too!"

Judge Eilidh Cameron said: "Libby's video had lovely storytelling, which we enjoyed. It was beautifully shot and the perfect example of simplicity in film." 

2nd place - Andy S Hayes – Woody, Twiggy and Chip Click here to view video

3rd place - Andy S Hayes – Swallows Return 2023 Click here to view video


Alastair Swan

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Scottish Nature Video Award 2023