As part of our commitment to showcase Scottish nature, wildlife and landscape photography, the Scottish Nature Photography Awards recognise the important role that books play in inspiring, informing and entertaining people by conducting a biennial public vote to find the Favourite Scottish Nature Photography Book.

The shortlist for the 2016 vote featured outstanding photography across a range of nature subjects, and celebrated the books and the vision and dedication of the photographers who created them. We asked the public to vote online for their favourites from nine shortlisted books, which highlighted a variety of Scottish nature subjects.

The winner of the Scottish Nature Photography Awards Favourite Scottish Nature Photography Book 2016 is:

On A Rising Tide
Author: Charlie Phillips
Publisher: Ness Publishing

Colin and Eithne Nutt of Ness Publishing said: "We are absolutely delighted and overwhelmed that On a Rising Tide has won the 2016 Scottish Nature Photography Book Award! It was extremely affirming when Niall approached us regarding the shortlist, but to actually win is way beyond our wildest dreams.

"We loved creating the book. Charlie’s photographs, stories and infectious enthusiasm for these amazing Bottlenose dolphins spurred us on to make the finished book the best it could possibly be. Our thanks also go to our designer, Louise, who put such thought and skill into its presentation. We are so grateful to all those who voted for it – we’ve had such great feedback from those who have bought it, all of which has come together in this wonderful accolade."

Charlie Phillips, Author and Photographer said: "What an absolute thrill to win this vote, considering the epic photography in the other books. I'm chuffed to bits that my first book with Ness Publishing has been so successful and so warmly received. Huge thanks to Eithne and Colin from Ness Publishing for their support and faith in the book from day one, Louise for her beautiful design of the book and thank you, thank you to all who voted for On A Rising Tide and of course to Niall and Jacqueline at Scottish Nature Photography Awards for hosting the vote."

2nd Place: Otters in Shetland - The tale of the draatsi
Author: Richard Shucksmith & Brydon Thomason
Publisher: The Shetland Times

3rd Place: Discover Shetland's Birds
Author: Paul Harvey & Rebecca Nason
Publisher: Shetland Heritage Publications

Emma Miller, Marketing Officer at Shetland Amenity Trust said: “It’s a real pleasure to have our publication Discover Shetland’s Birds included for consideration in this public vote, and we are delighted to have come in the top three. Equally, it’s wonderful to see two Shetland based books in this list. This is a testament to the wide selection of quality publications available on the theme of Shetland’s rich natural heritage."On behalf of the book's authors, Paul Harvey and Rebecca Nason, Shetland Heritage Publications would like to thank everyone who voted.”

Everyone who participated in the online vote was entered into our free prize draw for one lucky winner to win the entire shortlist of books. Our thanks go to the publishers for their kind donations of books for the prize draw.

The lucky winner is....

William Watson

Congratulations William. Happy browsing!

The shortlisted books were:

An Amazing Adventure: The Story of a Grey Seal Pup
Author: Ken Crossan
Publisher: Fireflash Publishing

With its soft, creamy-white fur and large, dark, engaging eyes, the pup of the grey seal is one of the most endearing creatures in the animal kingdom. Over one-third of the world’s grey seals are born around Scotland’s mainland coastline and islands.

‘AN AMAZING ADVENTURE: The Story of a Grey Seal Pup’ provides a unique insight into the development and behaviour of one particular grey seal pup from the day of its birth until its final entry into the North Sea as a fully moulted juvenile 28 days later.

The day-to-day story of its progress is told from the seal pup’s perspective and the book is illustrated with 42 full-page photographs, taken daily, which highlight both the pup’s growth and the events in its young, adventurous life. In addition, factual information is provided on areas such as identification and distribution, habitat, life cycle, feeding and other special behavioural features, and the grey seal’s relationship with humans. This builds up to give a comprehensive account of the natural history of the grey seal.

For more information about this book, please contact: kencrosan@aol.com

94 pages, softback


Discover Shetland's Birds
Author: Paul Harvey & Rebecca Nason
Publisher: Shetland Heritage Publications

Discover Shetland’s Birds is a new publication full of stunning photography and fascinating insights into the behaviour and lifestyle of the many bird species which can be found in the islands.

The book, by Paul Harvey and Rebecca Nason, is a handy identification guide, as well as an attractive and interesting volume to pick up and browse at leisure. There are over 400 photographs by award winning nature photographer, Rebecca Nason, and other contributors; mainly Shetland based photographers. Observations on migration and breeding habits, the best time of year to see each species, and where to look for them, are laid out in an easy to follow format.

For more information about this book, please visit: www.shetlandheritageshop.com/Discover-Shetland-s-Birds.html

205 pages, softback and hardback


Highlands - Scotland's Wild Heart
Author: Stephen Moss & Laurie Campbell
Publisher: Bloomsbury

Highlands – Scotland’s Wild Heart follows a year in the lives of a stellar cast of wild animals as they live, feed, breed and die in this beautiful, yet unforgiving landscape – a land where only the toughest survive. In between the stories of the wild creatures that make their home in this glorious part of the world, there are profiles of some of the many people who have chosen to live alongside the wildlife there.

In this lavish companion to the BBC TV series, Stephen Moss’s thoughtful, authoritative text is accompanied by spectacular photography by Laurie Campbell.

For more information about this book, please visit: www.bloomsbury.com/uk/highlands-scotlands-wild-heart-9781472919007/

272 pages, hardback


On A Rising Tide
Author: Charlie Phillips
Publisher: Ness Publishing

Bottlenose dolphins as you’ve never seen them before! A photographic study by the man who knows them best accompanied by his insights into the lives of these amazing creatures. Charlie Phillips works for Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) where his main task is to maintain an exhaustive photographic record of Bottlenose dolphins in the Moray Firth, concentrating on 6 individuals in particular who are the stars of the 'Adopt a Dolphin' scheme. Over the years he has taken hundreds of thousands of pictures of them and these images play a crucial part in monitoring the condition of this population and adding to our understanding of their lives and behaviour. No-one is better placed to produce a book such as this.

Almost 100 of Charlie's finest images illustrate Bottlenose dolphins engaged in virtually all aspects of their lives and activities. The pictures are accompanied by Charlie's accounts and recollections of his adventures in recording the ups and downs of this relatively stable but always threatened population. Along with the many charming anecdotes of the joys of dolphin watching, the book also draws attention to the challenges and dangers they face.

For more information about this book, please visit: www.nesspublishing.co.uk/books/on-a-rising-tide/

112 pages, hardback


Otters in Shetland - The tale of the draatsi
Author: Richard Shucksmith & Brydon Thomason
Publisher: The Shetland Times

A stunning collection of photographs, history and ecology of one of the most charismatic of British mammals, this is a must have for any visitor to Shetland, or anybody who loves the great outdoors.

Written with a deep understanding for location, and of course the otters, and illustrated with breathtaking photography by Shetland based photographers Richard Shucksmith and Brydon Thomason.

For more information about this book, please visit: www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/shop/product.php?productid=313&cat=0&page=1

276 pages, hardback


Scotland the Dreich
Author: Alan McCredie
Publisher: Luath Press

This book is a celebration of all that is dreich. To my mind the images in this book are uplifting and joyful. There is nothing miserable about dreich. A sunny day has no more right to exist than a dreich one.

Here, then, are fifty dreich images, accompanied by fifty equally dreich captions.

For more information about this book, please visit:www.luath.co.uk/scotland-the-dreich.html

128 pages, softback


Scotland's Finest Landscapes
Author: Colin Prior
Publisher: Constable/Little Brown Book Group

Colin Prior is one of the finest landscape photographers in the world and one who knows the Scottish wilderness like no other. Going to extremes in order to capture the most magical qualities of a landscape, his patience and masterful eye for natural beauty have produced extraordinary images over a remarkable career.

This large format collector's edition, with a foreword by Sir Chris Bonington, is presented in a large landscape-format cloth-covered hardback in a slipcase, making it a perfect gift. The book showcases the very finest panoramas over that long career and combines them with his greatest new, unpublished images to present a beautifully-curated exhibition of work. Arranged by region and complete with maps that pinpoint the locations of every shot and chart their sweep for armchair travellers, photographers and anyone keen to appreciate these special views in person, this is a work of breathtaking beauty.

For more information about this book, please visit:www.littlebrown.co.uk/books/detail.page?isbn=9781472111166

448 pages, hardback


Author: Nic Davies, Sam Jones & Brian Swinbanks
Publisher: Birlinn

Tobermory, the principal town on the island of Mull, is one of the prettiest towns in the Hebrides. Its principal street, Main Street, with its buildings painted in distinctive bright colours, is also one of the most well-known views in Scotland. This book includes the work of three local photographers, Sam Jones, Nic Davies and Brian Swinbanks, uniquely qualified to capture the spirit of this magical place in all its moods. In addition to pictures of the town, its views, surrounding countryside and wildlife – on land and sea – it also features the people of Tobermory itself, at work and at leisure. The result is a vivid portrait of a vibrant community in an exquisitely beautiful natural setting.

For more information about this book, please visit:www.birlinn.co.uk/Tobermory.html

112 pages, softback


Author: Stephen J Whitehorne
Publisher: Stephen J Whitehorne

Treescape is a series of photographs depicting personal contemplations and reflections of Scotland's trees, forests and woodlands over the last few years. Emphasis is on the inherent beauty of trees - their rich variety of forms and textures, their diversity of seasonal-dependant colour and their enduring aesthetic appeal. Whether exploring a chaotic tangle of dense Perthshire woodland, contemplating a highland copse by a remote lochan or getting close-up to a solitary silver birch, in trees I find subjects for the camera which allow me to begin to delve beneath the surface of things. For me, the essence of Scotland’s landscape is, invariably, revealed in its details. Trees do have a unique and, often, extremely evocative presence in the Scottish landscape, one which is profoundly related to light and climate and this is conveyed throughout the book.

The photographs are supplemented by a few selected quotes and extracts from eminent literary figures including poets such as Robert Burns, Wendell Berry and D H Lawrence and the writer and philosopher Albert Camus. This book is self-published and currently on a limited edition print-run of 75 copies.

For more information about this book, please visit:http://whitehornephotography.co.uk/treescape/

50 pages, hardback

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