Donald Cameron, Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2013

© Donald Cameron - The Boy. Rattray Head, Aberdeenshire

Donald said: "I’m thrilled and somewhat taken aback to have won Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year. It’s a huge honour to have been selected when you consider the standard of images the competition attracts. It’s amazing to have received the recognition of such renowned and respected judges, more so because they’ve gone for a shot which is quite far removed from the style of image many would immediately think of as nature photography.

"Scotland has some of the finest coastal scenery in the world, perfect for the long exposure monochrome seascapes that I love to create, and this isolated beach scene at Rattray Head in Aberdeenshire is a great illustration of what draws me back to the coast time after time. I’ve been shooting the sea for several years now and can’t think of many more impressive locations than this.

"The image is actually inspired by a scene from my favourite novel (and film), “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, in which he describes in the most extraordinarily poetic language a father and son arriving at a desolate, colourless beach in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event, who are overcome by the monochrome bleakness of what they find. As soon as I passed through the dunes and saw the boy standing at the far end of the beach, I immediately thought back to this story and had to try capturing it before the boy wandered off. I often take inspiration from literature and movies as it can add another layer of depth and interest, but ultimately it has to work as an interesting image in its own right. Hopefully I’ve achieved that here."

Gideon Knight (Age 13) Junior Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2013

© Gideon Knight - Turnstone

Gideon said: "I've been photographing wildlife and nature for a couple years now, and I write a regular blog on my experiences. Most of my photography is done around urban areas such as London, so I was excited to get the chance to visit Scotland for the first time last year and stay with family in the wilds around Loch Etive.

" I came across a flock of Turnstones actively feeding on a spit of land on the loch. Getting to eye level with the birds helped to achieve a more intimate shot and the late evening light brought out some fantastic colours. Although the fading light and rising tide were against me I was determined to get the shot and I am delighted that my persistence paid off. I can't wait until I next get the opportunity to visit Scotland again."

Daniel Brand, Student Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2013
BA Marine and Natural History Photography, Falmouth University

© Daniel Brand - Scottish Winter Wildlife Portfolio

© Daniel Brand - Scottish Winter Wildlife Portfolio

© Daniel Brand - Scottish Winter Wildlife Portfolio

Daniel said: "I am very excited and surprised to have won this award, as it is the first competition that I have entered. The trip to the Cairngorms was part of my first year study for a BA degree in Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University. The Cairngorms is a great location for naturalists and photographers to see and explore the beautiful mountainous landscapes and wide variety of wildlife. I hope my images inspire people to visit the area, enjoy the mountains and observe wildlife species in their natural environment.

"Tracking the hares and ptarmigan in the snow and harsh conditions was challenging due to their camouflage and acute senses. In addition the bright snowy background made exposure challenging and so capturing images of this quality was particularly pleasing. I am overwhelmed and grateful that you have chosen these as your winning images."