Johan Siggesson, Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2014

© Johan Siggesson - "I'm sorry...".

Johan said: “When I came across this Puffin on Fair Isle, I couldn’t resist thinking that he must have some kind of hidden agenda. He looked so human with the flower in his bill. Exactly like he had been out doing something he wasn't proud of and was now on his way home to ask for forgiveness.

“I was laughing silently to myself whilst snapping away. Whilst trying to wipe the smile off my face I realised that this little fellow taught me a very important lesson: patience and perseverance. Due to thick fog, the flight from Fair Isle to mainland Shetland was cancelled. After five days flat on my stomach shooting Puffins from early morning to late evening, this meant that I got to shoot them for yet another day. Tempted to stay in, review my images and just relax after a hard week, I decided that the only right thing to do was to gear up and get out there. This photo was shot during these last unexpected hours and I think it turned out to be the most special from this adventure. If I stayed in, I would never have bagged it.

“I am naturally thrilled, proud, humbled and extremely excited to win Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2014. It is a great honour to be chosen by such experienced and well renowned judges amongst the stiff competition. Having travelled a great deal during the years, it is only recently I discovered the amazing nature and wildlife of Scotland. I have visited four times in the last two years and I hope to be back very soon. This newly developed love for Scotland makes this award even more inspirational.”

Samuel Hood (Age 17) Junior Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2014

© Samuel Hood - In Flight Meal

Samuel said: "As a volunteer Ranger with the National Trust for Scotland's Dumfries & Galloway Ranger team, I was taking part in a 2 week Whiskered Bat tracking project at Threave Estate. During my free time before starting the bat tracking one night I spent the evening walking around the Estate.

"Whilst walking down one of the trails on the Estate I stopped near a small bridge and soon after a family party of Swallows appeared overhead.The two juveniles dropped down onto the top of the hedgerow which was full of berries. With the two young birds separated on different branches I focused on this bird which was closer to me, gradually making my way closer to the hedge. I waited until the young bird called, knowing the adult would soon appear with a delivery of food. The adults didn't hover for long whilst feeding so it was a great challenge to try and photograph them in flight."

Eleanor Ryder, Student Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2014
BA (Hons) Marine & Natural History Photography, Falmouth University

© Eleanor Ryder - Wild Skye Portfolio

© Eleanor Ryder - Wild Skye Portfolio

© Eleanor Ryder - Wild Skye Portfolio

Eleanor said: "I am totally delighted to have won this extremely prestigious award and to have been named as Student Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year for 2014 is simply amazing.

"As a student of marine and natural history photography at Falmouth University, my inspiration comes from nature, from being in wild places and observing the impact of weather and light upon the landscape. This summer I spent a week on Skye, which was both exhilarating and exciting. It was my first visit to the island and I was immediately captivated by its uncontrolled beauty. In these images I tried to capture an impression of wild Skye’s mercurial moods; that fleeting moment when the dynamic of its landscape was transformed by light or thrown in to stark shadow by gathering clouds. It makes the 4am starts worth it to experience the beauty and to finally get to share it with people makes it all the more exhilarating.

"It is very exciting to think that my work will be on display as part of an exhibition this year and I hope very much that the people who see it will be encouraged to visit Skye’s rugged landscapes and experience the incredible beauty for themselves.

"Finally, to have my work acknowledged in this way is a huge honour and I would like to thank the judges for their recognition."