Gordon Rae, Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2016

© Gordon Rae - Undercover Osprey

Gordon said: "My winning image came by chance one morning when the light was in my favour really early on. This juvenile bird returning to the Highlands for the first time was having a real problem lifting clear of the water with such a huge fish and had sat back down to regain his composure.

"I had taken images in the past almost like this but never just quite right, so to find this one in the camera, well you can just imagine the smile on my face. Receiving the call to let me know that it had not only won the portrait section but also the overall title of Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year came as a huge and very pleasant surprise to me."

Andrew Bulloch (Age 14) Junior Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2016

© Andrew Bulloch - Cape Wrath Storm

Andrew said: "I was extremely surprised and excited when I found out I had won the Junior category of the Scottish Nature Photography Awards. Having been shortlisted in 2015, I'm really pleased to actually win it this year. I'm now 15 years old and as well as enjoying sports, especially football, squash and running, I also love taking photos of almost anything that catches my eye.

"My photo was taken near Smoo Cave while on a trip to Cape Wrath last summer. I'd persuaded my mum to take me there so we could stay at Kearvaig bothy and we had hoped for sunny weather, but the clouds actually made for much more dramatic photos."

Edgaras Borotinskas, Student Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2016
HND Photography, Forth Valley College

© Edgaras Borotinskas - Nature's Tears Portfolio

© Edgaras Borotinskas - Nature's Tears Portfolio

© Edgaras Borotinskas - Nature's Tears Portfolio

Edgaras said: "When people are happy or sad they cry. I think nature's tears are water drops. Is nature happy or sad? It is up to you to decide…

"I am so happy and proud of this award. Last year I entered the Student category and when I was shortlisted, it motivated me to improve. Passion, motivation and dedication helped to do that. Taking pictures makes me happy and when other people like my work it doubles that.

"I want to thank Scottish Nature Photography Awards and everyone who helped me to improve as a photographer."

Hannah Pollock and Jamie Unwin, Winners Scottish Nature Video Award 2016

© Hannah Pollock & Jamie Unwin - Walking with Red Deer. Music Keith Smith (Fiddle) & Muriel Johnstone (Piano)

Hannah said: "We're incredibly happy to have won the award. Scotland has always had a place in my heart and no matter where I am I always look forward to being able to come home to Ardnamurchan. It's amazing to have the opportunity of sharing its beauty with others in the form of media. Red deer are a beautiful species to photograph and filming them was a privilege."

Jamie said: "Hearing that we had won the Scottish Nature Video Award was very exciting, I've always had a passion for wildlife and enjoy expressing this passion through photography and filming. I'm fascinated by deer and having the opportunity to get so close to them without disturbing them in this film was amazing."