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The Awards

Prizes for each category and overall titles for 2022 are detailed below.

It has always been a privilege to work with sponsors who have offered category prizes which showcase Scottish hospitality and experiences. Covid-19 has affected the sector and as it will take some time for recovery, we are not seeking those additional prizes at present. Our supporters are very much part of the Awards ‘family’ and we hope that, as things return to normality, followers of the Scottish Nature Photography Awards will keep supporting the organisations that have so loyally supported us. You can view details of our supporters here.

You can view 2022 sponsors here.

To view the prize details for the 2022 competition, click on the links below.

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Photographic Competition Main Category Awards

Environmental Category

Natural Abstract Category

Scottish Botanical Category

Scottish Landscape - The Land Category

Scottish Landscape - Sea & Coast Category

Scottish Landscape - Urban Greenspace Category

Scottish Wildife Behaviour Category

Scottish Wildife Portrait Category

Photographic Competition Overall Awards

Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2022

Junior Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2022

Student Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2022

Scottish Nature Video Award 2022