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Favourite Scottish Nature Photography Book Vote 2020


Favourite Scottish Nature Photography Book 2020 Rules

Our sixth biennial Favourite Scottish Nature Photography Book Vote is open from noon 12:00 GMT on Friday 29 January 2021.

The eleven books shortlisted for the 2020 Award highlight different aspects of Scottish nature and landscape with visual storytelling through stunning photography. As well as honouring the creativity and skills of the photographers, we acknowledge the role of the publishers in making these works accessible.

Books can take us out of our current limitations to places and subjects we know well, or have yet to see. They can provide us with a view we might not otherwise have seen and there is surely no better time than now to celebrate that.

Informative, inspirational and entertaining, these books offer something to everyone who loves Scottish nature and the art of photography.

The vote has now closed and the result will be announced later in March. Courtesy of the publishers, everyone who takes part in the online vote will be entered into a free prize draw for one lucky individual to win the entire shortlist of books.

Fragile: Birds, Eggs & Habitats
by Colin Prior

Published by Merrell Publishers Ltd.
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4688-7

Publisher's description: Birds’ eggs are among the most delicate and ephemeral wonders of nature, but birds’ habitats are becoming increasingly fragile too. This stunning new book by renowned landscape photographer Colin Prior reveals, in extraordinary detail, the unique beauty of birds’ eggs, but also serves as a powerful reminder to protect the environment and its wildlife. Fragile is the culmination of ten years of painstaking work. The book presents remarkable images of birds’ eggs displayed in diptychs with awe-inspiring photographs of the birds’ habitats. The habitats have been specially photographed at a time of year when the colours of the landscape most closely resemble those of the eggs. Grouped into chapters ranging from Mountain and Moorland to Coniferous Forest, and Sea Cliffs and Rocky Islands, the results are breathtaking – the astonishing diversity and fragility of the eggs a perfect match for the drama and majesty of their surroundings.

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Hirta: A Portrait of St Kilda
by Alex Boyd

Published by Luath Press Limited
ISBN: 978-1-913025-05-2

Publisher's description: This collection is born from a project undertaken by photographer Alex Boyd over the course of many return visits to St Kilda over several years. The collection aims to give a complete and well-rounded portrayal of the islands, avoiding over-romanticising St Kilda and its inhabitants. Appearing here in full colour, Boyd’s photography captures the rugged beauty and the narrative of these fascinating islands.

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Isle of Rust: A Portrait of Lewis and Harris by Alex Boyd, Jonathan Meades, Dan Hicks

Published by Luath Press Limited
ISBN: 978-1-913025-00-7

Publisher's description: Here, at the north-westernmost periphery of Europe is what feels like a presage of the future, the distant future, the furthest future, after which there’ll be no future at all. This is the Isle of Rust – known, too, as Lewis and Harris. It is a blueprint, a working model of the day which will have no tomorrow. Jonathan Meades. Isle of Rust not only refers to the countless corroding tractors, weaving sheds and other visible signs of human settlement but also to the colours of the land: the reds of deergrass and the purple moor grass which make up so much of the moorland. It is a place of great contrast in both light and land, from the largely flat peatlands of Lewis, where the majority of islanders make their home, to the mountains of Harris. Alex Boyd. It’d be easy to mistake these landscapes for ruins. Rust is not ruin. There is in Meades-Boyd some kind of shared attention to the detritus of human life. They open their eyes to the humanity that inheres in what outlasts people’s lives. Dan Hicks.

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Lewis and Harris by Vianca Reinig and Philipp Schmidt and Donald S. Murray

Published by Kerber Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-7356-0643-3

Publisher's description: For their new book, photographers Vianca Reinig (*1989) and Philipp Schmidt (*1983) travelled to Scotland and captured the beauty of the northernmost isle of the Outer Hebrides: Lewis and Harris. In stark contrast to the local architecture, the ancient landscape almost becomes tangible in all its craggy shapes and rough colors. With alternating perspectives, sudden cuts between panoramatic shots and minute details, this intricately designed artist book is arranged in a chronologically and filmic sequence of images, poetically bringing to life the vibrant experience of their travels on the remote isle.

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Naturally Orkney - Coastline
by Raymond Besant

Published by The Orcadian
ISBN: 9781912889068

Publisher's description: Raymond Besant’s first book, Naturally Orkney, received widespread acclaim, and supported the publisher’s belief that “he has an instinctive knack of finding and photographing Orkney nature as few have seen it”. In this second book of the series, the Orcadian photographer focuses his camera more specifically on the islands' coastline and reveals what can be discovered there. The high quality of his photography is self-evident, and his commentary gives readers an insight into what they may have missed during a coastal stroll, and the trials and tribulations of photographing nature.

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Pockets of Pretty - An Instagrammer's Edinburgh by Shawna Law

Published by Black & White Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78530-262-6

Publisher's description: A love letter to Edinburgh, in words and photos. Seen through the distinctive lens of leading instagrammer Shawna Law, Pockets of Pretty showcases the majestic and secluded gems that make the city special. This gorgeous book takes the reader on a stroll through Edinburgh’s many distinct ‘villages’. From the Georgian grandeur of the New Town to the fishmarket squares of historic Leith . . . With a local as your guide, these walks spotlight wonderful photo opportunities – ranging from iconic landmarks to hidden treasures – and include fabulous places to enjoy a coffee, browse a bookstore or visit a boutique florist. For each ‘village’ Shawna talks to artists, business owners and characters, who give their insight on the area, sharing their favourite spots to unwind, relax or have fun. Edinburgh’s unique mix of history, atmosphere, landscape and architecture delights millions of visitors a year. Shawna’s love for her adopted city and passion for photography combine to offer a stunning view of how Edinburgh can be explored afresh, whether on foot or planning your trip from afar.

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Scotland: Highlands, Islands, Lochs & Legends by Claudia Martin

Publisher: Amber Books Ltd.
ISBN: 978-1-78274-773-4

Publisher's description: Where in the world do passenger planes land on the beach each day? Where might you search for the world’s most famous underwater monster? Where would you find a capital city with more listed buildings than anywhere else in the world? Yes, in Scotland of course. The airport runway on the island of Barra is, simply, the beach. People still flock to Loch Ness in the hope of seeing the Loch Ness Monster. And Edinburgh has more listed buildings than any other capital city. Scotland is a fascinating exploration of the most beautiful country of the British Isles. From the prettyGeorgian streets of Edinburgh’s New Town to the Victorian grandeur and Art Deco delights of Glasgow, from the remote islands in the Hebrides to the bustle of the Edinburgh Festival, from Europe’s oldest tree (a 3,000-year old twisted yew) to the majesty of Glenfinnan viaduct – made even more famous by the Harry Potter films – the book is packed with 200 spectacular colour photographs.

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Scotland the Braw
by Alan McCredie

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd.
ISBN: 9781913025489

adjective SCOTTISH

fine or fine-looking, excellent.

This book is a celebration of all that is braw, from the warmth of a Scottish pub to the beauty of the Highland hills, from sunbathing on a dual carriageway to weathering the Beast from the East. Dive into braw Scotland.

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Scotland's Islands
by Allan Wright

Publisher: Allan Wright Photographic
ISBN: 978-1-905683-95-6

Award-winning photographer Allan Wright is no stranger to Scotland's dramatic seaboard having spent 30 years as a professional landscape photographer, passionate in his quest to discover and explore his own country onshore and off. Scotland s Islands features spellbinding photography, further enhanced by the elegant writing of leading Herald and Guardian journalist and columnist Marianne Taylor. Marianne shares her own intimate experience of exploring many of Allan's featured islands, adding a refreshing dimension to this beautiful book truly a document of our time. Lovers of nature and wildlife, walkers, historians, climbers, sailors, visitors to Scotland and armchair travellers wherever they may be, will all find something very special to savour and to enjoy within these pages.

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Scottish Island Bagging: The Walkhighlands guide to the islands of Scotland by Helen Webster and Paul Webster

Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing
ISBN: 9781912560301

Scottish Island Bagging by Helen and Paul Webster, founders of Walkhighlands, is a guide to the magical islands of Scotland. Focusing on the ninety-five islands that have regular trips or means of access for visitors, plus forty-two other islands which have no regular transport but are still of significant size or interest, the authors have described the best ways to experience each one. Of the islands featured, many are household names – Skye, Lewis, Bute – while some, such as the isolated St Kilda archipelago and the remote Sula Sgeir, will be unknown to all but a hardcore few. When it comes to things to see and do, the islands of Scotland have it all. Wildlife enthusiasts can watch out for otters, orcas and basking sharks, while birdwatchers in particular are spoilt: look out for the rare corncrake on Islay, sea eagles on Mull, or sight puffins, gannets, storm petrels and many other seabirds on any number of islands – although beware thedivebombing bonxies.

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The Secret Life of the Cairngorms
by Andy Howard

Publisher: Sandstone Press Limited
ISBN: 9781912240807

Cairngorm National Park is a massive area of mountains and passes, rivers and forests, settlements and wild land, located in the heart of Scotland in every sense. A unique environment, it is home to many species of animals and birds, some permanently resident and others seasonal migrants. It is a place of special interest to walkers and climbers, but also to mountain runners and bikers. In 2019 it received a whole year’s attention from the BBC. Its scenery is glorious. Andy Howard has enjoyed an intimate relationship with the area since childhood, exploring its most hidden places and developing a close understanding of its wildlife. His photography displays the deep empathy that makes him a unique and sensitive guide.

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