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The Judges


Dougie Cunningham - Photographer

Dougie has been in the photography industry for over 12 years. His work covers several genres, from corporate events to weddings, promotional work to portraits. The vast majority of his work involves the landscape in some form, whether as a backdrop or a subject matter in itself.

In 2017, he published his guidebook, Photographing Scotland, dedicated to helping people find and photograph the most beautiful locations around Scotland. More recently, he has written two walking guides to the north of the country, and sees these guides as the perfect opportunity to promote responsible tourism and a deeper engagement with the landscape around us - a philosophy he carries over into his photography workshops and tours.

Dougie has been enjoying a refreshed outlook in his landscape photography since the pandemic, and is finding immense satisfaction in experimenting and growing as a photographer again. This may be for the best, as he’s been reliably informed that he’s much better with a camera than a guitar.


Niall Irvine - Photographer & co-organiser of the Awards

Niall has been in the photographic industry for over 30 years, working behind the camera, in the darkroom and then through the development of digital imaging technology.

He is a partner in Perspectives, which delivers digitisation, photography and design services for the heritage, business and creative sectors from its base in the north east of Scotland. He undertakes a wide range of photography commissions and enjoys pursuing his own artistic style especially in landscape photography and a selection of his seascape images is curated at

Niall was inspired to set up the Scottish Nature Photography Awards to provide a platform to showcase the depth of photographic talent that is drawn to and inspired by Scotland’s landscape and natural heritage.


James Roddie - Photographer

Based near Inverness, James is a full-time landscape and wildlife photographer. His work covers many aspects of outdoors photography, but it is his images of Scotland’s high mountain landscapes for which he is best known. Coming from a background of hill-walking and mountaineering, he focuses on capturing moments of fleeting light and rare conditions in some of Scotland’s remotest locations.

His images are widely published, and he is a regular contributor to some of the UK’s most popular outdoors and photography magazines. He is frequently commissioned to shoot cover images and lead feature articles. He works with a wide variety of clients - from conservation charities and adventure equipment brands, to filmmakers and authors.

Alongside his mountain photography work, James is also an experienced wildlife photography guide. He has run workshops around Scotland since 2016, and for several years operated the UK’s most popular pine marten photography hide.

When spare time allows, James enjoys caving, cycling and rock-climbing, and sometimes even manages to leave the camera at home.