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Environmental Policy

Scottish Nature Photography Awards and the Environment

As a rurally-based business, we are committed to keeping our impact on the environment low. Where possible we minimise travel, using alternative methods for customer contact such as email etc. Our daily commute to the office is on foot. We live and work surrounded by an area of raised peat bog - acknowledged as vital “carbon sink” terrain - that we help to manage.

Each year we plant a quantity of native trees and we maintain an active interest in the wildlife and biodiversity of the area.

We operate email invoicing to reduce paper use.

For packages, we use our local village Post Office to keep car journeys to a minimum, whilst supporting local amenities. For larger consignments we routinely use established courier services to take advantage of a logistics network which is effectively combining movement of consignments and therefore minimising individual journeys. We routinely source recycled and environmentally friendly products for our print projects.

We re-use and recycle packaging and other office material and encourage our customers to do the same through our packaging labels. We principally use paper and card based packaging, but we are committed to eliminate the use of any single use plastic components. While we implement this we continue to re-use or recycle plastic material and run down existing stock to avoid waste. Our office is partially heated by a solar hot water system.

To reduce energy waste we do not leave machines on standby mode and use low energy lighting. Our electricity is from a 100% renewable resources supplier. We review and implement environmental policy on an ongoing basis as an integral part of our business operation.