Scottish Nature Video Award 2016

2nd place - "Logpile Larder" by Andrew Macdonald.

Logpile Larder © Andrew Macdonald, music © Andrew Macdonald/Alba Dub.

Andrew said: " I really get a lot out of filming and photographing wild creatures and wild places and even more having the media I create utilized usefully, by those that seek to promote and conserve them.
"Much of my film work in the recent past has followed nature conservation, health and well-being, or skills development projects, often for projects for which I am also key leader. Through my environmental education and eco-therapy work, I champion the use of film and photography as an approach for participants to explore and discover the natural world. Filming and photographing wildlife, making films about nature and people engaging with nature, is what I'd really like to be working on more of the time. This award has given me a great boost, to learn more about the species I wish to capture on camera, and to get out there filming.
"Over the summer I have been making films for Field Studies Council "Natural History" courses at Kindrogan, Perthshire, where I was lucky enough to view Pine Marten for the first time and shot the footage for "Logpile Larder".
The music featured is an extract from "Silky Wilkie Breakdown", a track from my "Alba Dub" project. This is my ongoing exploration into Scottish music and projected imagery (of Scotland) using dub mixing principals. This track and other Alba Dub tracks feature on the album "Keeping It Reel"."

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